Colony Assimilation with the new population growth

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Colony Assimilation with the new population growth

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I was just browsing the forums, reading a new post by Zaimat
Zaimat wrote:Yes, we want to keep significant penalties for Assimilation...
This got me to thinking about the v4.42 penalties for Assimilation and realized that they've been inadvertently super-nerfed. Some may call me crazy, but I was never expecting to be making +2bc/turn on a newly conquered world. How is this possible? The perfect combination of 3 things:

1) Low population - unless you're invading the capital world of an empire, chances are low of you seeing more then 2 billion people there. Consequently the initial money-pit created by a large population that refuses to work is mitigated.

2) Low food cost - Food just isn't super expensive, somewhere around ~9-10mc/ku of food consumed/produced. Since its ~20 million humans per ku of food consumed we can do the math. 1 billion / 20 million = 50. 50*10 = 500. Approximate cost per turn to feed a mature planet? 500mc (plus maintenance, but that's not the point here)

3) Economy Doesn't Care - Two entire civilian sectors in every colony totally don't care at all about the state of the planet that they're currently on: Trade and Entertainment. Genocide? Open revolt? 0% workforce? Not a single f**k is given. Since neither Trade nor Entertainment seem to require a workforce, or even a reasonable Morale level, they just happily keep making money. Combined with other changes like the reduced maintenance cost of buildings, the economy currently just doesn't care what you're doing to the population.

I think the 3 points above serve to illustrate a (possibly) unforeseen consequence of the reduced population growth. Anyways, thanks for developing the game L3O. Glad I can provide some feedback.

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Re: Colony Assimilation with the new population growth

Post by Zaimat »

Thanks for bringing this up. We don't want to make it as hard as it was (it could literally make you bankrupt before in a few turns after colonizing a high populated world).

I will definitely review this. Still making some changes to the economy, maintenance and so on. I'm hoping for a new test build for this weekend, might make into that one we shall see though.
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