Stupid "AI retreat" execution

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Stupid "AI retreat" execution

Post by Smiling_Spectre »

As I noticed, in automatic mode I am losing much more ships than in manual one. Even in most obvious cases, with static forces (planet and station) where I cannot lose anything in manual, I am losing one-two ships!

I think, I found the reason of it recently, when I did "mass retreat" order and seen it's execution. :) It was like this:

Manual mode:

1. Withdraw ship outside of the enemy weapon range.
2. Retreat.

Result: zero losses.

Mass retreat:

1. All ships receives "retreat" order.
2. Enemy fires missiles, beams and all possible station weapons, killing some of my ships.
3. End turn.
4. Some or all of my ships retreats.
5. (Optional) If not all retreated, enemy fires again!

Result: 1-all ships losses. >.<

So question is: can you modify "Retreat" sequence to more intelligent execution, described above? I.e., executing retreat in auto-mode must spend all action points, trying to maximize distance from the enemy, and only after that ship will execute actual "retreat" order, please?

(Manual mode is fine as is, of course. :)