Additional commands during combat

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Additional commands during combat

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There is the mass retreat/flee button at the top right of the combat screen and the individual retreat/flee button on the bottom right. And of course the there is the flee option on the galaxy screen.

"Fleeing" causes ships/task forces to be under the return home command after the combat is resolved (previous commands are canceled).
e.g. Your planets are in sector 1 and your survey scout is in sector 6 exploring the galaxy; you avoid distruction but now your ship is on a 12 turn trip back home when there are lots of systems still to explore in sector 6.
e.g. You have a big invasion battle and your 20 non-combat troop transports are in the line of fire; you tell them to retreat/flee because you do not want to have to deal with each one individually every combat turn; you win the battle but the invasion fails because your troops are on their way back home.
OK this one has been fixed I see:
Zaimat wrote:Friday May 1st, 2015
* Retreating troop ships from a battle will now be considered for landing troops as long as the battle is won for their side
I would be nice if there were some automated scatter, hide and/or get-out-of-the-line-of-fire commands which automate movement during combat but leave previous commands in place after combat is over.

If your TF of 10 non-combat troop transports is waylaid en route. (a) you select 'flee' from the galaxy map, all 10 ships flee in the same direction back home, and 7 do not make it. (b) you select 'engage' and manually send the 10 ships in 10 different directions; there are only 2 attacking ships and after they have each destroyed 1 of your ships, the other 8 are far enough away to stay out of the line of fire until combat round 50 (but that is 8x50 = 400 clicks later!); the surviving 8 ships continue on towards the invasion the next turn.

You can set a ship on a multi-turn goto command in combat, but you have to confirm (press done/enter) every turn. It is good to have the option to change your mind but the end result is the same as if you manually made the movement choice every turn. It would be nice to have the option to say go-to-here and do not ask for my input again until you get there.
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