Suggestion: Alphabetize the techs lists

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Suggestion: Alphabetize the techs lists

Post by Bullwinkle »

Sometimes I get a message like "major breakthrough in Polychromatics" (OK, I'm making up that name, but you get the idea).

Then I think to myself, what the heck does Polychromatics do? So I look for it in the research page, only I don't even know which list it might be in. It is a frustrating search because as far as I can tell, the lists are not sorted by alphabet or by most recent or by highest level researched or by anything. It would really help if the research tech lists were sorted. I suggest sorting them alphabetically.

This is one of those *really basic* things like having all text spelled correctly. It is hard for me to imagine a game getting to be this deep without having done this already. Or, said differently, when I'm first starting out in any Steam game, and I notice the lists aren't sorted, it gives a bad first impression and fails to inspire confidence about the rest of the game, and I'm more likely to move on without giving the game a fair chance. This is a decent game, but it really fails to make a good first impression. You have to play it for a long time before you can see how good it is. This is one of the easily fixable reasons why.

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Re: Suggestion: Alphabetize the techs lists

Post by Zaimat »

Thanks for the specific and detailed feedback Bullwinkle, it's helpful to know even if we can't make this change.

To give you some background why certain things are a certain way. Horizon was developed over a long and protracted period of time, so parts of the game are deep rooted in what I'd call "legacy" code/design. The tech list back-end is one such case, so sorting is pretty much out of the question without a re-write.

As an alternative to manually searching the list for a technology, the turn event window provides an entry which can be clicked on to view its details.
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