Refiting Fleets....

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Refiting Fleets....

Post by Jynks »

Do I have to go to a space station and refit to reload and recharge between battles?

Like in my fleet I have some cloaked boomer cruisers. Will they run out of bombs between battles? Or dose the "ammo" thing reset after each combat.

If not. I can not seam to see in the tool tip ammo or energy levels.

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Re: Refiting Fleets....

Post by Bansheedragon »

No, they will automatically rearm/reload between battles, only times you would need to return for a refit would be if you want to change to a different design or upgrade an existing one.
The exception are troop transports which have to return to a planet with a barracks to pick up more troops.

As research progress, you will get more space on your ships for additional weapons and equipment.
So if you upgrade those bomber cruiser designs of yours to have more ammo and more bomb bays, you would have to return to a starbase to refit the ship to get that upgrade.