Conquered Homeworlds

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Conquered Homeworlds

Post by ketzerei84 »

Is there a way to say, exterminate the population of a conquered homeworld(after forcing a surrender) and then resettle it with my people, then terraform it, while having it remain classified as a homeworld? I seem to recall some bio-weapons tech(banned in all the civilized galaxy), but could never figure out how it worked.

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Re: Conquered Homeworlds

Post by Zaimat »

You get a chance to exterminate when you first invade a planet. But there is currently no option to exterminate if you choose something else (like subjugate them).

Bio-Toxins are automatically used when choosing extermination. The higher your tech, the faster you exterminate them each turn.

What you can do currently if you want to resettle a colony is to abandon it (destroy the government buildings from the colony screen). You can then re-colonize it once everyone is dead.
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